The Body Shop’s Scents of the World

Happy Sunday!!! The Body Shop launched their fragrance range a few months ago consisting of scents from around the world. The collection comes in 5 fragrances – Amazonian Wild Lily, Atlas Mountain Rose, Indian Night Jasmine, Japanese Cherry Blossom and Madagascan Vanilla Flower. All 5 fragrances are distinctively different to each other so you are bound to find something you like. The Body Shop fragrances contain natural extracts, hand-picked and harvested with care then blended with 100% organic and community fair trade alcohol.

The Body Shop describes each of the scents as:

Amazonian Wild Lily – Green and fresh, with iris, orchid and papaya alongside white lilies from Brazil .

Atlas Mountain Rose – Amber and musk combine with citrus notes, exotic spices and mountain rose extracts from Morocco.

Indian Night Jasmine – Spicy and seductive, notes of sandalwood and violet leaf fuse with orange blossom and jasmine from India.

Japanese Cherry Blossom – Fruity and floral, with top notes of Fuji apple and Chinese magnolia, alongside real Japanese cherry blossom.

Madagascar Vanilla Flower – An oriental, gourmand delight with notes of amber, frangipani and vanilla from Madagascar.

The Body Shop's Scents of the World

Each fragrance comes in:

  • Eau De Toilette (50ml) – RRP $36.95
  • Fragrance Mist (100ml) – RRP $25.95
  • Perfume Oil (15ml) – RRP $19.95
  • Shower Gel (250ml) – RRP $20.95
  • Body Lotion (250ml) – RRP $25.95

I was over the moon when I was sent the Amazonian Wild Lily Eau De Toilette & Shower Gel, Atlas Mountain Rose Body Lotion, Madagascan Vanilla Flower Fragrance Mist and Japanese Cherry Blossom Perfume Oil. The Cherry Blossom perfume oil is a lovely sweet floral scent and the longevity is about 4-5 hours. The small bottle is great for handbags or travelling. The consistency of the body lotion is similar to a body milk, it feels light on the skin and absorbs quite quickly. I would recommend the lotion for Summer. The Eau De Toilette and Perfume Mist smells amazing and they last between 2-5hrs (for some reason perfumes never last long on me). The shower gel leaves the skin refreshed and scented, it lathers well and only a small amount is required. If you are curious, my favourite scent out of the 5 is the Japanese Cherry Blossom. I actually purchased the body butter and loved it!

You can even customise your own scent, The Body Shop recommends the following combinations:

  • Atlas Mountain Rose + Madagascan Vanilla Flower = Floral Seduction
  • Amazonian Wild Lily + Atlas Mountain Rose = Aquatic Dawn
  • Madagascan Vanilla Flower + Japanese Cherry Blossom = Exotic Escape
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom + Indian Night Jasmine = Oriental Romance

If you would like a detailed review of a certain product, let me know in the comment box. 

So tell me, have you tried The Body Shop’s Scents of the World?

Content courtesy of Kerri.

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