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My week in photos – 23/03/14

my week in photos 233014
Hello! I’m back with another my week in photos, haven’t posted one of these posts since August. That’s almost 7 months ago, jeez time flies!! This week has been filled with fun activities and learning new things. I wish every week could be like this but exams are creeping up again so gotta start studying. Keep on reading to find out what I did this week.
my week in photos random purchases
Lets start off with some random purchases. I got some great bargains this week while I was on my lunch break during work. The jewellery tree was marked down from $19.95 to $5, teapot/cup for one at 60% $6 and T2 tea at 10% off for $12.60 each. I’ve been really liking the China Jasmine tea, it’s so soothing. I’m not really a fan of those T2 fruity teas, my brain doesn’t like how it smells so good but tastes nothing like it.
my week in photos backstage vamff 2014 230314
Thursday night I attended VAMFF runway 4 backstage (blogged about it here).
my week in photos Mary Kay blogger event 230314
Saturday morning, I attended the Mary Kay product launch held at Ludlow Bar & Dining Room. We learnt about Mary Kay and the new Fairytales & Fantasy collection which will be appearing on the blog shortly. It was a very lovely event, small and intimate.
salon melbourne 2014
And today I went to Salon Melbourne. Similar to last year, it’s a trade only event but the crowds are still insane. This year I went alone and pretty much walked around the place twice, making sure I didn’t miss anything. There were a few new stores that popped up this year like Lime Crime. While I was there, I also attended the Rae Morris Master Makeup course which was really cool.

I hope everyone had a good weekend and let me know what you got up to.

My week in photos – 11/08/13

my week in photos 110813 Gosh the weekend sure goes by fast! You know what? I haven’t posted ‘My week in photos’ in ages, I didn’t even realised it was that long ago until I started going through my blog. For those who missed my random photos, I’m sorry!! I’ll try to post more often. Tonight, I have put together a random selection of photos from last week. Some photos you may have seen on and some photos I’ve saved it for the blog only.
my week in photos Lately, I’ve grown really fond of pork belly. I pork belly everywhere I go. No good for my muffin top but tastes so gooood!!
my week in photos This crepe place at Melbourne Central is pretty awesome. I ordered the strawberry delight which has strawberries, custard and nutella. Nutella makes anything tastes delicious.
my week in photos When I wrote about my experience with the Clarisonic, some of you guys suggested I should try the delicate brush. When I was at David Jones yesterday, I bought the last one in stock!! It always feels really good buying the last one, it’s sort of like the thing I have for limited edition stuff. I will let you know the results in a months time.
my week in photos While I was at David Jones, I also got my makeup done at BECCA. Review to come shortly.
my week in photos Been loving the window display at Peter Alexander, Hello Kitty!!! Their new PJs range is adorable, wish I could have it all. Lastly, I wanted to finish off my week with some Boo merchandise. I found this in a shop in Melbourne. He is the cutest dog in the world!!

Did you get up to much on the weekend? Tell meee!!


My week in photos – Feat. La Belle Miette

This post has been outstanding for months! I’ve been meaning to post it but keep forgetting. For those of you who remember, when I visited LuxBite a few months ago, I mentioned that I also wanted to visit La Belle Miette. Well we ended up visiting the Chadstone store (or cart) a couple of weeks later. The cart is located on the top level near Mimco and Myer. One of the things that annoys me is when people don’t decide what they want before getting served. There was a lady and her kids in front of us who kept umming and aahing about what they want. I stood there waiting and waiting until they decided!! I’m not a patient person, especially when it comes to dessert and food.

La Belle Miette

La Belle Miette

My memory is so shocking, I don’t remember everything we ordered. I know for sure we got the Lavender, Cherry Blossom & Sake, Violet & Blueberry and the Pistacio which all tasted really amazing.

La Belle Miette

It’s such a shame that there were no places to sit around there, we ended up taking the macarons downstairs and sat at the food court. I gobbled them up real quick after taking photos.

As silly as this sounds, I can’t actually taste the difference between Lindt, Ladurée, Zumbo and La Belle Miette macarons. They all taste the same to me!! If you can notice the difference, tell me which you like best and why?

Oh yeah one more thing, does anyone know if there are anymore macaron/dessert places in Melbourne?

P.S – I’ve got a giveaway on the blog very soon, stay tuned!

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