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How to create a fishtail braid

Hi everyone! Hope you all been well! It’s been forever since I had a hair ‘how to’ post. So today I have a treat for you, I’m going to show you how to create a fishtail braid using the Scunci Criss Crosser. Please excuse the pale face in my photos. I was having a makeup free day (also known as lazy face day).

Scunci criss crosser

I was sent the Criss Crosser kit which comes with the criss crosser and 5 polybands.

Start off by dividing hair into two even sections and placing each section into the criss crosser slots.

Scunci criss crosser

Using the thumb and index finger, pull out a small section of hair from the outside left side (you can start from any side you are comfortable with).

Scunci criss crosser

Using the small section of hair, pull it over the criss crosser and slide into the slot on the other side. So the strand of hair has now gone from the left to the right side. An important thing to note here is that, make sure when you slide hair into the opposite slot that the hair is pulled towards the middle of the criss crosser – this will tighten the braid.

Scunci criss crosser

Taking another small section of hair from the opposite (right) side, pull it around the criss crosser and slide into the slot on the left. Hair has now gone from the right to the left side.

Scunci criss crosser Scunci criss crosser

Keep repeating the above steps, criss crossing from side to side until you are happy with the length.

Using a hair tie or polyband, tie the end of the fishtail braid to ensure it is secured.

Scunci criss crosser

There you have it, nice and easy!! The tool does need some getting used to. It took me about 4-5 attempts until I got the hang of it. As you can see from the above photos, the sections I took were quite large. The smaller the sections the tighter the braid will look. I hope you enjoyed this post and as always thanks for reading!

Will you be trying the Scunci Criss Crosser?

Product was provided for consideration. This has not influenced my opinion in any way.


How to create updo hairstyles, quick and easy

How’s the weekend going? For once, mine was pretty busy. I went to a beauty event, dinner and shopping with friends. Today, I wanted to show you how to create some lovely updo hairstyles. They are really quick and really easy to do! It might take some practice at the start but once you get the hang of it, it’s quite easy to do. I usually like to put my hair in a bun a day after I’ve washed my hair, it tends to hold a lot better. If I put my hair into a bun after I’ve just washed my hair, I find that I have too much baby hair sticking up and the bun can’t stay in place the whole day.

For this post, I was sent the  hair bun maker and the ultimate updo clip. The hair bun maker comes with a hair donut, 4 pins and a hair tie. I personally don’t think 4 pins are enough, I ended up using an additional 3 bobby pins (also depends on how long your hair is). The ultimate updo clip comes with a carbon fiber clip.

Tools you’ll need

Scunci hair bun and updo clip

Hair Bun

scuni hairbun

  1. Tie your hair into a pony tail
  2. Slip your pony tail into the donut
  3. Split pony tail into two sections (upper and lower). Using the upper, start wrapping your hair around the donut. Use the pins as you go to secure hair in place
  4. Spray on hairspray to keep everything in place and you’re done!

Updo Clip

scunci ultimate updo clip

  1. Without using a hair tie, twist your hair into a bun
  2. Using the updo clip, slip it into the bottom of your bun
  3. Pull the clip up so that now the clip is sitting on top
  4. Push the clip into your bun and you’re done!!

I hope you enjoyed this ‘how to’ post. Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback!

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