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Microdermabrasion @ Victorian Cosmetic & Dermal Clinic

This post is long overdue! Three months ago, I was invited to Victorian Cosmetic & Dermal Clinic to try out their microdermabrasion skin treatment. Victorian Cosmetic & Dermal Clinic is located in Endeavour Hills and is about 40 mins drive from the CBD. It was actually perfect timing when I got my treatment done, I had just moved out to the south-eastern suburbs so I wasn’t travelling too far. The clinic offers a lot of different services from laser hair removal to chemical peels.

Victorian Cosmetic & Dermal Clinic (1)_beautyandthings


The moment I walked in, I was greeted by the friendly and professional staff. I was given a questionnaire to fill in about my skin type and condition. After that was done, I met my lovely skin therapist, Tia. We sat down and talked about what I wanted to achieve for my skin and I said to Tia that I wanted to get rid of my uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

Victorian Cosmetic & Dermal Clinic (1)_beautyandthings Victorian Cosmetic & Dermal Clinic (1)_beautyandthings

The treatment starts off with double cleansing using a gentle cleanser followed by a glyconic cleanser. The cleansers were then removed with a towel and the next step was the exfoliation. So the machine that performs the physical microdermabrasion has a pen like gadget with a gentle suction on the end of it. The pen goes around the face by sections to remove congestion, dead skin and help improve skin circulation. Because this was my first time, Tia gave me 2 passes meaning, she went around my face twice using the pen. After the exfoliation was done, the skin was then prepped with moisturiser and sun protection.

Immediately after the treatment, my face was a little red similar to being sunburnt. The following couple of days, my face was dry and peeling. As soon as the peeling stopped at about day 4, my skin felt and looked amazing. It was so unbelievably smooth, applying my foundation was a breeze. If I could afford a treatment every month, I would definitely get it done. I didn’t really check my watch while I was there but the whole process took slightly more than half an hour.

The cost of the initial treatment is $49 and after that it’s $99 per session or prepay 5 sessions for $445 ($89 per session).

For more information on Victorian Cosmetic & Dermal Clinic, please visit their .

This was a complimentary treatment provided by Victorian Cosmetic & Dermal Clinic. All opinions are my own.


Bringing my Instagram photos to Life – Instagram magnets!!

It’s the long weekend everyone, woo!!! This is a non-beauty post but it is about one of my favourite social media platform – Instagram! A while ago, the peeps at kindly offered to bring some of my photos to life. If you are wondering what Sticky9 does, they are a company that transforms digital content (Instagram) into magnets. All I had to do was pick out 9 of my favourite photos on Instagram and Sticky9 did all the work. The website was really easy to use and the magnets arrived three weeks later. Sticky9 is based in the UK and they offer free shipping to anywhere in the world.

Bring Your Instagram Photos to Life sticky9 instagram magnets Bring Your Instagram Photos to Life sticky9 instagram magnets Bring Your Instagram Photos to Life sticky9 instagram magnets Bring Your Instagram Photos to Life sticky9 instagram magnets
I really love my Instagram magnets! It adds so much fun to my boring fridge. For just $15.99, you can get a pack of 9 magnets. These are by far the most affordable and unique gift to friends and families.

If my post has lured you to purchase some, be sure to use my code FRIENDVNXZ (you get 15% off your first order and this is also an affiliate code).

Magnets were provided for consideration. This has not influenced my opinion in any way.


What’s in my bag?

Happy Thursday!! One more day until the weekend! A couple of weeks ago, I was whinging on twitter about the cold weather and not really feeling motivated to blog. Lovely Tine from suggested I should do a ‘What’s in my bag’ post. This gal comes up with the best ideas ever! So I got all excited and went to take photos straightaway. The photo I took of my bag was fine but the photos with all my stuff had too many shadows. No matter how many photos I took, they were just too dark. I had to wait until last weekend to take better photos when the sun was out.
what's in my bag

what's in my bag

  1. Purse – Just a place to put all my random loyalty cards.
  2. Business card holder – I use this to store my bloggy business cards. To this date, I have only given out one card which was to my mum. She doesn’t know what a blog is but I told her to keep my card anyway haha.
  3. Mirror – I like to always have a mirror in my bag to check if there is any food stuck in my teeth or if I have food stuck on my face lol
  4. Coin purse – A separate coin purse so that I don’t have to keep taking out my big bulky purse. I store money and my myki card in here.
  5. Hand sanitiser – A must if you catch public transport. I’ve seen people pick their nose on the train and then go wiping their booger on the pole.
  6. Keys – I have a thing for key-rings as you can see.
  7. Lip product – I always carry one lip product in my bag. The amazing thing is even though it’s sitting in my bag, I still manage to forget to use it.
  8. Earphones – Mostly use it for work to block out people’s conversations. When I really want to focus on work, I need to listen to music to stop myself from eavesdropping.
  9. Tissues – An absolute must. My nose is always runny in winter so I constantly need tissues.
  10. Phone – Cannot leave the house without my phone, I feel lost without it.
  11. Hand cream – I didn’t used to carry hand cream around but the freezing cold weather have made my hands quite dry.
  12. Bottle of water (not in the photo) – I always carry a bottle around because I’m stingy. Bottled water in Australia is very expensive and I prefer to save whatever I can to buy more makeup.

So there you have it, what do you carry in your bag?

I was deciding if I should put in a disclosure for this post. I chose to because I’m getting too used to disclosing everything and also my post will look naked without one, so here it is!! Everything in this post have been purchased by me! :)


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