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Beauty Essentials

Happy Wednesday! I’m not officially back yet. Heck.. I still don’t even have the internet set up at home. So much drama and stuff over something so little and it could now take another 3-4 months until I have something set up. When I can, I’ll borrow my parent’s internet and blog here and there. So today’s post, I will be talking about my beauty essentials. This is not my complete list of beauty essential products but these are on the top of my list. beauty essentials beauty essentials

Cleansing Brush – Using a cleansing brush regularly really helps with my overall complexion. It cleanses all the hard to reach places. My face feels so much smoother now and it even helps with applying makeup. My foundation goes on so much smoother and I end up using less product.

Sunscreen – Now that I’ve hit the big 3 0. I’m doing more to protect my skin. Sun exposure causes sunburn, premature skin aging (wrinkles) and skin cancer.

Rosehip Oil – Rosehip Oil was featured on my winter skincare routine post and I have also included it in this post – this is how much I love rosehip oil. As I mentioned in my previous post, it helps with my dry skin and evening out my skin tone. I always have a bottle sitting in my bathroom all year round.

beauty essentials

Hair Oil – With my constant hair curling habits, I always use a hair oil to help protect and hydrate my hair. It also gives my hair the extra shine it needs.

Hand cream – Hand cream is a must for me, I have to use it. When I was moving houses a few weeks ago, I was really lazy and stopped using hand cream for like a week. It was a really bad mistake because my hands are now cracked and my cuticles are peeling (ouch).

beauty essentials

Carmex Lip Balms – As soon as I wake up and before I go to bed, I always use a bit of lip balm. During the day, if my lips are dry, I’ll reapply.  lip balms should be in any girls beauty essential, use it day, night or anytime! It’s sold every 29 seconds around the world.  has been a beauty must have for 77 years and they do not test on animals.

Tell me – what are your beauty essentials?

This is a sponsored post. I received Carmex products as part of the blogger program.


Winter Skin Care and Giveaway

How cold has it been in Melbourne lately? Lucky for me, I have two weeks off work but I can still feel the icy cold winds when I’m walking to the gym at night. The harsh cold weather really dries out the skin so today I’m going to show you what I use to keep my skin hydrated.

winter skin care

winter skin care

Moisturiser – At night, I use a thicker and more rich moisturiser to help give that extra bit of hydration. A good moisturiser will absorb quickly and doesn’t feel heavy. I wake up with smooth refreshed skin.

Rosehip Oil – There are many benefits of using rosehip oil such as diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as improving skin elasticity and texture. I mainly use rosehip oil in winter as it can really help with dry skin and evening out my skintone.

Eye cream – It’s amazing no matter how many hours you sleep in winter, it’s always a struggle to wake up. That’s why in the cooler months, I switch to an eye cream that helps with dark circles.

Face masks – I use plenty of face masks in winter. It helps to give you that extra boost your skin needs. Plus, it’s always quite relaxing doing a face mask while watching your favourite youtuber.

winter skin care

Body Conditioner – Have you ever got out of the shower with super tight skin? I have! To prevent that from happening, I like to slather body conditioner all over my body and rinse it off before getting out of the shower. A body conditioner will leave your skin smooth and sliky, definitely a treat for your skin.

Body Moisturiser – After the body conditioner, I then moisturise my skin with body cream for dry skin.

Hand Cream – Especially in winter, I always carry a hand cream around in my bag. As I mentioned in my other post, my knuckles would crack and it gets quite painful.

winter skin care lips

Lips – People with dry lips such as myself always ensure we carry at least one lip balm around in our bags or at our work desk. is a winter must have product because it’s known for it’s deep moisturising benefits. I still remember the first time I used the original lip balm – I got the famous ‘Carmex tingle’, it really feels like it’s working magic.

winter skin care giveaway

So onto the giveaway! Thanks to , I will be giving away a full range of Carmex products (see above). Of course you will get unopened products, I just took a photo of what I have.

To win this fabulous prize, all you have to do is tell me in 25 words or less “What’s your winter must have?”

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The winner is….Anna M! Congratulations, please check your email!

This is a sponsored post. I received Carmex products as part of the blogger program.


Stuff I’m loving June edition

Helloo everyone! How are we all? I’ve been extremely fortunate recently and had the opportunity the try many fantastic products. In this post, I will be featuring some of the products I’ve tested in June that I’ve been loving. Stuff I'm loving June edition Stuff I'm loving June edition

Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight Styling Creme – I have naturally straight hair but in the cold weather my hair doesn’t do too well. For some reason, the cold weather causes my hair to be really dry and frizzy on the ends. I was introduced to this styling cream that is supposed to progressively eliminates unwanted waves and frizz with every use. After gradually using it for a couple of weeks, my hair is in better condition and less frizzy! I usually use this when blow drying my hair and found that it really helps with fighting the winter frizz.

Kosmea Rose Hand Cream – A good hand cream is a must in winter. I was really excited to have received this as my existing hand cream had just run out. This product has a really lovely rose scent (can’t stop smelling my hands). I keep this in my handbag all the time, it’s very travel friendly. The cream itself is luxurious and hydrating. During winter if I don’t use a hand cream, my knuckles would crack and it’s painful. Ever since I started using this hand cream, there has been no signs of dry skin or cracks, just seriously nice smelling smooth hands.

Stuff I'm loving June edition

De Lorenzo Nova Fusion Colour Care Shampoo in Violet– The concept behind the De Lorenzo Violet shampoo is to enhance rich violet tones in coloured or natural hair. When I first used this, I was blown away… the shampoo was dark purple! Never in my life have I used a coloured shampoo!! Anyway, I used it for a good few weeks and found that it really gives my hair the extra vibrance it needs.

Sachajuan Intensive Hair Oil – This little bottle of goodness contains Argan Oil and Sea Buckthorn Oil. I use this oil after I blow dry and it instantly gives my hair extra shine. I’m not good at describing scents of products but I love the scent of this oil. It’s like putting perfume in your hair!

Stuff I'm loving June edition

Arbonne CC Cream – Usually Monday to Thursday, I don’t use much makeup. Slap on some BB/CC cream with some blush and I’m out the door. The Arbonne CC Cream has been my go to product during my lazy work days. It helps to even out my complexion and covers my pigmentation. It feels light and does not make my face oily or greasy.

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream – I’ve been using this every night while watching tv and I have really seen a huge difference in my cuticles. After 2 weeks, the dryness and peeling has dramatically reduced! I’m so happy! Although it’s called a cream, it feels more like a balm. The product is contained in a small silver tin, it’s slightly hard when you start to use it. But after a few rotations around the tin, it melts with the warmth of your fingers.

You_Who_Came_From_the_Stars_CoverKorean Drama – It’s time for a non-beauty favourite! I’ve been seeing and hearing so many people rave on about this Korean tv series called You Who Came From The Stars and made me really curious. I started watching it a few weeks ago and pretty much hooked onto it. I’ve stopped watching this week and waiting until I go on annual leave next week to start again so I have something to do.

Have you used any of these products and what did you think?

Products provided for consideration. This has not influenced my opinion in any way.


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