Skin Doctors Review

skin doctors review

Are you looking for luxe skincare that does not break the bank? Well today’s post may be just what you are looking for.

When I came back from my holidays, my skincare routine was all over the place and my skin was in terrible condition. All thanks to airplane dryness and sheer laziness. I don’t want to jinx myself but I think finally after almost two months my skin’s finally heading in the right direction again.

As a skin disclaimer, I have dry and sensitive skin. It used to be combination but now I’m pretty sure I’ve moved towards the dryer side.

When I was asked if I wanted to trial the Skin Doctors range, I jumped at the chance. I was sent the pH Balancing Cleanser, SuperMoist, Gamma Hydroxy & Beetox.

Here’s a bit about Skin Doctors:

Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals are industry leaders in the development and marketing of breakthrough, clinical strength cosmeceuticals that offer consumers topical alternatives to surgery. Skin Doctors products are based on cutting edge formulations developed in conjunction with leading research institutes and cosmetic surgeons. Clinical strength results No doctors, no needles, no pain!


skin doctors review

Skin Doctors pH Balancing Cleanser

I have incorporated this cleanser into my skincare routine, twice daily. It’s designed to help prep the skin for better absorption for other treatment products. The cleanser has a nice scent to it, not too overpowering at all. The texture is smooth and creamy, and lathers well around the face. It also provides gentle exfoliation as the cleanser contains Lactic Acid which helps to loosen up the outer layer of the skin. I’m actually quite enjoying this cleanser, it doesn’t leave my face dry and tight, instead feeling fresh and clean.

Skin Doctors SuperMoist

I’ve been using this moisturiser day and night, and my skin has been feeling amazing. This cream contains two active ingredients – Resurrection Plant & Tamarind. Resurrection Plant can withstand intense weather conditions such as extensive drought periods. The plant can appear dead but once it’s re-hydrated, the cellular functions are restored. The moisturiser is fast absorbing and doesn’t leave the face oily or shiny. The cream is enclosed in a fancy frosted glass jar and it has quite a premium feel to it.

skin doctors review

Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy

The Gamma Hydroxy contains three active ingredients – Glycolic acid, Lactic Acid & Salicylic Acid.

When first applied to the skin, I felt a slight tingling sensation from the active ingredients working its magic. The purpose of this cream is to gently resurface your skin and exfoliate. I use this product during the day with the SuperMoist and have no issues with applying makeup afterwards. It actually makes my face feel and look a lot smoother. I’ve been slathering this product on top of my right brow where I have my one and only wrinkle. It’s hard to tell if this product reduces wrinkles as I don’t have much at the moment. I’ve noticed it has helped with my acne scaring on my lower left cheek. The scarring has lightened and is not as visible now. I don’t know if it was a coincidence but during that time of the month for me, I usually get a lot of small pimples around my chin but this month I didn’t get any. I’ll need to use it for another few months and report back just to be sure. I started to notice a difference in my complexion after two weeks.

Skin Doctors Beetox

Beetox contains three active ingredients – Trylagen, Bee Venom & Manuka Honey.

This cream claims to control facial muscles for lifting, firming and tightening of the skin. The bee venom tricks the skin thinking it has been stung by a bee and causing the product of collagen and elastin. I use beetox during the night under the SuperMoist. I’m pretty sure it can be used on it’s own but I like to make sure my face is moisturised. Every night after using the pH Balancing Cleanser, I’ll apply a thin layer of the beetox over my face avoiding the eye area. As soon as I’ve applied it, my face would feel a warm tingling sensation but after a minute or two my face would return back to normal. The following morning, my skin feels firm, plumped and refreshed. If you’re into sweet candy smelling cream then this is for you! This cream smells like marshmellows and it smells delicious.

For more information on Skin Doctors’ products, visit their .

Have you tried any Skin Doctor products before?

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  1. iam in my late 70s have clear very fine skin I have used your vit c and now using bee tox iam confused to what to use looking at vit c ? vit a? day and night cream confused to what I should have hoping you can put me right thanks love your product

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