Lush Best Sellers

Lush best sellers

A few months ago, Lush held their first Melbourne bloggers/vloggers event at the Swanston St store. At the event, we learned about the Lush brand and their philosophy. Lush does not test on animals and they sourced all their ingredients ethically. They also make all their products in-house and they try to sell products without packaging (naked) to reduce waste. Some of their packaging are reusable (black containers). If you return 5 pots back to Lush, you will receive 1 free fresh face mask. One of the highlights of the night was when Lush showed us how to make Angel’s On Bare Skin Cleanser and they would pick volunteers to come help out. We also got to take home a container of it.

I have been a fan of Lush’s fresh face masks for years but have never had the opportunity to try other products. At the event we were provided with a few of Lush best sellers and we were also able to pick an additional 2 products we wanted to try. Lush was really generous with their goodie bags.
Lush dream creamDream Cream – This is Lush’s best-selling product! According to Lush, this body lotion is very soothing for troubled skin. Enriched with chamomile, lavender and oat milk, this lotion will reduce redness and calm irritations. My skin is very sensitive and every time I come out of the shower my knees are patchy red – I don’t even take hot showers. After using the Dream Cream for a week, I noticed that the redness decreased a little but did not completely disappear. It’s a great product for winter and it definitely made my skin smoother. It’s not greasy and it does absorb quite quickly.
Lush ROs Argan Body ConditionerRO’s Argan Body Conditioner – If you love rose scents, then this product is for you!! It smells sooo good! The RO’s Argan Body Conditioner is my first ever body conditioner. To be honest, I didn’t even know body conditioners existed until I was at the Lush event. It was a little strange at the start using this in the shower. But once, I got over the weirdness it was pretty good. It’s the same concept as a hair conditioner. If you have super dry skin like mine, I would suggest to moisturise afterwards. The body conditioner contains goodies such as cypress oil, capuacu butter, brazil nut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, argan oil as well as 20% glycerine to lock in moisture.
Lush rootsRoots – I was really excited to try this when the lovely lady at the Lush event introduced me to it. Roots is a hair treatment for thin and fine hair… perfect for me since my hair is thin and flat!! It is applied onto dry hair, wait around 20-30mins then wash off with shampoo and conditioner. The product itself is thick and white. It smells minty as it contains spearmint and peppermint oil. Immediately after use, you will notice how much lighter and silky your hair feels.
Lush ultrablandUltrabland – Ultrabland is a semi-solid oil facial cleanser which can also be used to remove makeup. I haven’t quite mastered how to use this cleanser yet but some bloggers swears by this. I had a hard time removing this off my face. I’m going to give it another few tries before I give up. I think my problem was that I didn’t warm it up in my hands and just slapped it on my face.
Lush angels on bare skin cleanserAngels On Bare Skin Cleanser – This is not your traditional cleanser, Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser reminds me of a clump of cookie dough. To use this cleanser, take a small piece and place it on the palm of your hand. Add some warm water to dissolve, massage onto face and wash off. Immediately after using the cleanser, my face feels refreshed and cleansed. I find that it also helps to even out my skin tone. If you’re not into lavender, the scent of this cleanser may be too over-powering for you.
Lush bubblegumBubblegum – This is one of my favourite products because it’s edible!! This lip scrub is made from castor sugar and jojoba oil. This is one of those products, where you think you don’t need until you start using it and now you can’t go back. To use this, rub a little onto the lips in circle motion and lick off or wash off. My lips felt pretty soft after and most of my flakes disappeared. I’ve been using it every 3 days and my lips sticks actually applies better now.

Do you shop at Lush? If so, what are your favourite products?

Content courtesy of Kerri.

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