How to create soft curls with a GHD

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I will show you how to create soft curls with a GHD hair straightener. I had so much fun doing this hair tutorial this afternoon. Special mention to the hubs for helping me take photos, it can get rather awkward trying to hold onto the camera as well as curling my hair.

What you will need:

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Start with freshly washed hair. It doesn’t matter how you blow dry your hair as long as it’s dried before you start to iron it. Before you begin, make sure you brush out any knots in your hair.

Don’t forget to use a heat protector to prevent damage to your hair while ironing. Every time I use any type of sprays, my natural reaction is to close my eyes and I always look scared.

Separate hair into two sections. I just used a hair tie and tied up the side I was working on last. This just prevents your hair from moving around.

Take a small section of hair and clamp the GHD against your hair (10cm from your roots). Then twist the GHD about 180 degrees (towards or away from you) as you continue pulling through your hair. To keep your hair in position, ensure you are holding onto the ends of your hair. The thicker the section is, the looser the curl will be. The slower you go the tighter the curls will be. So to create soft curls you will need to have a thicker section. If you don’t like the look of the curl, don’t worry. Wait for your hair to cool down and try again.

Continue taking similar sized sections and repeating the process until you have curled all your hair. Now you have soft loose curls! Add some hair spray, this will help make your curls last longer.

The GHD straightener I used is from their Jewel Collection. The collection features 2 straighteners: Amethyst and Sapphire. Each hair straightener comes with a paddle brush and keep sake box. The RRP of this straightener is $289AUD which is quite a decent price because these babies do last a good while.

Here’s a bit of information straight from the GHD website:

  • Advanced ceramic heater technology for smoother, shinier results
  • Universal voltage for consistent performance when travelling
  • Smooth black plates with a hint of sparkle for snag-free styling
  • Contoured plates for easier curls and waves
  • Extra long 2.7m swivel cord for freedom during styling

You can check out more GHD stylers or hair tutorials can be found. Overall, using a GHD to curl my hair is quite easy. I have done it for many years. If you have just recently started to curl your hair with a GHD, it does take a bit of practice but you will eventually get the hang of it. If you have any questions, please leave me a comment below. 🙂

Content courtesy of Kerri.

14 Replies to “How to create soft curls with a GHD”

  1. Aw, your hair looks great! Love the tute! I’m definitely struggling trying to get decent photos taking them myself!

  2. Ah, amazing tutorial Kerri! I need to practice some more and I cannot stop drooling over your beautiful hair!! I always have the problem where one side of my curls look perfect and the other side fails LOL

  3. Ahh I’ve never been able to get the hang of this, thank you so much for the tutorial!
    Your hair is amazing, so long and pretty 🙂

    Jess xo

  4. I love this look so pretty. Iv tried to do this once but kept getting confused about which way to twist it! You have made it look so much easier thanks I will try it your way next time 🙂

  5. Your curls look so soft and bouncy!! Whenever I use the straightener to curl my hair, it always depends on my luck. Sometimes, it turns out perfectly, sometimes…frizzy! Hahahaha…

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