Hair care routine and products

Now that my exam is out of the way, I am back dear readers!!! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Today I wanted to talk about my hair care routine and products. Although it does change a lot, this is what I have been loving the past one and a half months.

My current hair routine
My current hair routine

Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo & Conditioner – This stuff is amazing. My hair is left soft, silky and tangle-free. After a month of using this, I found that my hair doesn’t get oily as quickly and I can wash my hair every 4-5 days.

My current hair routine

Lush Roots – As reviewed here. I love how Roots leaves my scalp feeling cool and refreshed. I’ve been using this once every fortnight and if my hair is feeling really flat, I use it once a week. I’m getting really addicted to Lush products.

Kerastase Touche Perfection – This is a balm for people like me with dry ends. It helps to quickly add moisture to the ends of my hair. Some mornings I wake up having really dry ends so I whip out my Touche Perfection and my hair is looking healthy again.

Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment – I use this after I wash my hair and before I blow dry. I wait for my hair to dry a little and then slather my hair in this treatment. If you see me with shiny hair, it’s all thanks to Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment.

My current hair routine

GHD Heat Protect Spray – This is one of my favourite heat protectant sprays. Whenever I blow dry or curl my hair, this is what I use.

Indola Innova Wonder Blow-Dry – As you all probably know that my hair is fairly long and it takes me forever to blow dry. So when I was offered a chance to try Wonder Blow-Dry, I was pretty excited…a product that speeds up the blow-dry process? Yes please! After using it for a month, I can safely say that it does help to speed up the blow drying process by about 5-10mins. The spray does smell like alcohol and I’m guessing that’s what is helping my hair dry faster.

Tell me what’s one hair product you been loving lately?

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