Dusty Girls by MooGoo

Dusty Girls by Moogoo

Hello Chickas! Today I’ll be talking about some fab products from . Dusty Girls is a makeup range made by MooGoo and they’re all about natural ingredients. Dusty Girls is perfect for people who have sensitive skin or have skin problems. They do not put any chemicals into their products and the most important thing is they do not test on animals.

Dusty Girls by Moogoo

Dusty Girls have kindly sent me three products to try from their makeup line. I was sent the Natural Mineral Bronzer in Sunshine, Natural Mineral Blush in Golden Delicious and the Natural Mineral Lip Gloss in Sun Shower.

All three product comes in a little box with instructions printed on it. I love how the blusher and bronzer has a clear lid so you know exactly which shade it is.

Sunshine Natural Mineral Bronzer

A warm, glowing, not too glittery formulation for all skin tones. This bronzer allows contouring of the facial features to give that healthy outdoorsy look. We don’t think there is a need for talc or bismuth in a bronzer. Skin irritation is not cool.

The Natural Mineral Bronzer only comes in one shade which is in Sunshine. Sunshine is a warm milk chocolatey shade and would suit most skin tones. There is some slight shimmer but once applied it’s not so noticeable. I love the large circular pan, it’s the perfect size to swirl your brush around. It’s not overly big so it can fit perfectly into your makeup bag. It’s great for giving the face some glow or contouring. On the packaging, it says to go easy on the bronzer as “it’s designed to add subtle colour and not coverage (you want to look like a sun-kissed goddess not a kumquat)”…love the humour.

Golden Delicious Natural Mineral Blush

Golden Delicious is a lovely golden colour which illuminates darker skin tones. Both formulations use the healthiest natural oils, oxides and micas. No need for chemical preservatives, talc’s or Bismuth.

The Dusty Girl Natural Mineral Blush comes in two shades: Golden Delicious and Pink Ladies. Golden Delicious is a lovely golden shade. The first time I used this blush, I was surprised at how pigmented it is. I would suggest to tap your brush on the product and not swirl around. A light hand when it comes to applying will do wonders otherwise you’ll end up with clown cheeks. The staying power of this blush is average but not unusual (most mineral blushes never stay on the entire day for me). It gives a natural golden glow to the cheeks and has not caused any breakouts or skin irritations.

Sun Shower Natural Mineral Lip Gloss

We use a base of natural moisturising oils to hydrate and soften your pout and natural micas for colour. Our Sun Shower Lip Gloss gives a hint of colour and a glossy finish. Our Pacific Ocean Shimmering Lip Gloss gives a natural shimmer while conditioning the lips with moisturising oils.

The Natural Mineral Lip Gloss comes in one shade which is in Sun Shower. Sun shower is a clear lip gloss with a very light peachy tint. When applied, it’s just like a clear gloss and can be worn over any lip stick to give it a nice shiny finish. You know what the best thing about this lip gloss is? It’s not sticky!!! It really irks me when my hair is stuck to my lips.

Dusty Girls by Moogoo swatches

Have you tried Dusty Girl? 

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