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Zumbo Melbourne!

Hello peeps! How are we all? Today is the opening of Adriano Zumbo’s Melbourne store!! Dessert lovers, you must go! When I walked in, I was star strucked…Adriano Zumbo himself was there!! I even got a photo with him (highlight of the day, week and month). I read on the internet that people were lining up outside at 5am just to get a glimpse of Adriano Zumbo. Lucky when I went, there was no queue. The Melbourne store looked very different to Sydney, this one reminds me of a bar/club with all those fancy lighting. If you were wondering where Zumbo is located, it’s in South Yarra (12 -14 Claremont St) or you can just google map it. adriano zumbo melbourne (3)_beautyandthings They have so many delicious cakes and macarons, I had trouble deciding what I wanted (sshhhh I’m suppose to be on a diet). adriano zumbo melbourne

adriano zumbo melbourne I loved the designs of their seats, they look quite delicious – it’s pink and looks like melted marshmallows. The store had some seating but not a lot. If you are planning on eating in-store on the weekend, most likely there will be a long queue. adriano zumbo melbourneAnd here’s the photo you all been waiting for, Mr. Zumbo and I!! adriano zumbo melbourne Here’s what I got:

The Annoying Orange Cake ($9) – “Flourless, chocolate cake, orange caramel, olive sable, chocolate and clove mousse. orange & white chocolate jam

Macaron ($2.50 each) in Cherry Chocolate and Fingerbun

I think the desserts are quite reasonably priced. I haven’t tasted the yummies yet, I’m waiting for the hubs to get home from work so we can try it together. adriano zumbo melbourne( I’m sorry for the lack of updates recently, regular blogging won’t be back until mid December. I’ve been focused on work and my exams coming up. After my exams, I’ll be on holidays…woo Sephora here I come!! Take care!

Desserts were purchased by me (just in case you were wondering)


My week in photos – Feat. Yummies at LuxBite

I hope everyone had an awesome Australia Day. The weekend always goes by so quickly, even if it’s a long weekend. I spent last weekend watching the tennis finals and Les Misérables on Sunday. The highlight of the weekend was going to LuxBite in South Yarra. I’ve driven past this place a few times before but didn’t realise they were quite famous for their sweets. This place is ranked number 9 on Urban Spoon – Melbourne Talk of the Town.

Lux Bite

As you walk into the cafe, the back wall is lined up with many delicious treats. For the Australia day celebration, LuxBite created special desserts to celebrate the long weekend (refer to the yellow and green dome). I took a photo of every dessert but I haven’t posted it, don’t want to bore you guys with a gazillion photos lol.

Lux Bite

I ordered an Endless Love and a glass of jasmine green tea. The Endless Love is inspired by Pierre Herme’s Ispahan: Lychee ganache, rose cream, lychee and fresh raspberries.

Lux Bite
Lux Bite

Lux Bite

My previous post on , some readers recommended La Belle Miette in Chadstone, but I still haven’t visited yet!! I’m hoping to go soonish so I can blog about it.

I love anything that is pretty and edible. If you know any places that serve delicious dessert, let me know!!!

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