6 Luxury V-Day Capsules Young China Adores

This thought is partially correct, as luxury and fashion may not feel the need to devote a lot of time to Western Valentine’s Day in China. The Beijing Winter Olympics game on February 14 is not the most eye-catching event of the season. This V-day is less Chinese than the other two because China celebrates three different V-days.

These concerns shouldn’t stop brands from localizing V-day and converting them into another sales peak. The most frequent romantic gift-shoppers in China are the generation born after 1990 and the generation born after 1995 according to data from the microcredit app. Young Chinese consumers are always looking for unique gifts to enhance their sense of ritual. Failing to impress them on February 14 could be a lost opportunity for brands.
As China’s most frequent romantic gift-shoppers, the post-1995 generation are eager to shop for gifts as long as they find the right products to enhance their sense of ritual in relationships.

The V-Day capsule is seen by most of the luxury’s big names as a post-CNY shopping pit stop for Chinese consumers. Most have tailored their global V-Day campaigns to China by integrating local celebrity videos without localizing product offers. C-beauty and K-beauty labels have taken their V-day games to the next level by building destination products.
Here, we picked the six most talked-about capsule designs in the Chinese fashion community.
The man is named Valentino.

The power of the idol economy in Gen-Z China is the focus of the V-Day strategy. A popular Chinese-Japanese-Thai boy group is featured in a local twist of the brand’s global Loc bag offering. The brand published a mini-film featuring the 11 members and their shooting experience with the Loc bag, in order to create an even more intimate appeal.


The Italian Maison’s V-Day Love Story collection has a quirky charm that made it feel playful rather than cliché. GG Supreme collaborated with Ariana Papademetropoulos, a Los Angeles-based visual artist, to create a campaign featuring purses, scarves, and sneakers.

Xiao Zhan, the Chinese super-idol, is featured in the brand’s latest #GucciLinkToLove campaign.
The person is called Balenciaga.

The brand’s hottest Hourglass bags in pink versions are included in the V-day capsule, which is a nod to youth culture. The Balenciaga drop is a must-have for China’s rebel fashionistas, a far cry from the hyper-feminine, sweetheart aesthetic that used to define V-Day fashion capsule.
The person is named Loewe.

The Love is in the Air V-day capsule is a red iteration of the brand’s signature anagram print. The capsule has a range of bags, bucket hats, and leather accessories in a variety of colors.

Perfect diary.

C-beauty brand Perfect Diary has created a V-Day gift kit in the shape of stacked envelopes. In China, showing one’s feelings through a handwritten letter is an important love-declaration moment. The gift recipients will go through layers of retro-design envelopes to unwrap the product, just like they did when they were teenagers.

To make the experience even more special, Perfect Diary has an interactive feature that lets the sender record a voice message for the recipient, who can listen by scanning the QR code on the love letter.


The K-beauty label 3CE launched a V-Day capsule in collaboration with the designer toy brand ROB Bi. With the designer collectible market quickly rising in China, more fashion and beauty consumers have seen shopping as a chance to “collect,” leading the brand to sell lipstick along with a limited-edition toy and a facial powder.

images: jing daily

source: jing daily

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